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Bob Chartoff is, by anyone's standards, one of the finest and most productive producers working in the film industry today. His long association with Irwin Winkler led to such films as Raging Bull, which many critics have called director Martin Scorcese's finest film - and perhaps the best film of the 1980s - and The Right Stuff, the haunting adaptation of Tom Wolfe's book about the development of the space program, from highspeed test pilots to the men of the Mercury program.

It was with Rocky in 1976 that Chartoff and Winkler got the Oscar gold. They went on to produce all the Rocky movies, but with the success of that series and Sylvester Stallone's subsequent career, people forget that the producers really went out on a limb by buying Stallone's script, working with him on developing it further, and - incredibly enough - casting the writer in the lead! (No, there is no talk whatsoever about casting Orson Scott Card as Ender Wiggin.)

Chartoff is a producer who believes in trusting and developing other people's talents. He has enormous respect for the writer, and cares more about the quality of the film than about satisfying whatever "rule" Hollywood wisdom of the day says that films must obey. There were no stars in Rocky - Rocky made stars out of the actors who were in it! The Right Stuff was an episodic book, jumping from the story of Chuck Yeager to the stories of the astronauts; conventional wisdom says that that's a deadly mistake in a movie. But by staying with that aspect of the book, The Right Stuff managed to do what very few movies ever do: It captured the sweep of time, the passage of generations, and as a result it has grandeur that keeps it as one of the classic films that people watch again and again.

It's precisely that vision of what films can and ought to do that made Orson Scott Card realize that Bob Chartoff was the right producer - after many years of negotiations with others, who always talked about respecting the story but then showed that they had little understanding of what the story even was. Indeed, in their first story discussions, it was Chartoff and his associates who insisted that Card put back into the film some elements of the novel that he had long since assumed would have to be removed! If Ender's Game emerges as the greatest science fiction film ever - and yes, that's what we think it's going to be - it will be in large measure because Bob Chartoff is the producer making it happen - and making it happen right.

What follows is Bob Chartoff's filmography, derived from information in Baseline's Encyclopedia of Film.

1967 - POINT BLANK - producer
1968 - THE SPLIT - producer
1969 - THEY SHOOT HORSES, DON'T THEY? - producer
1970 - LEO THE LAST - producer
1971 - BELIEVE IN ME - producer
1972 - THE MECHANIC - producer
1972 - THE NEW CENTURIONS - producer
1972 - THUMB TRIPPING - producer
1972 - UP THE SANDBOX - producer
1974 - BUSTING - producer
1974 - THE GAMBLER - producer
1974 - S*P*Y*S - producer
1975 - BREAKOUT - producer
1975 - PEEPER - producer
1976 - NICKELODEON - producer
1976 - ROCKY - producer
1977 - NEW YORK, NEW YORK - producer
1977 - VALENTINO - producer
1978 - COMES A HORSEMAN - executive producer
1978 - UNCLE JOE SHANNON - producer
1979 - ROCKY II - producer
1980 - RAGING BULL - co-producer
1981 - TRUE CONFESSIONS - producer
1982 - ROCKY III - producer
1983 - THE RIGHT STUFF - producer
1985 - BEER - producer
1985 - ROCKY IV - producer
1990 - ROCKY V - producer
1992 - STRAIGHT TALK - producer

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