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The Tales of Alvin Maker: Seventh Son

Based on the novel by Orson Scott Card
Screenplay: Aaron Johnston
Producer: Nicholas J. Gasdik
Director: Peter N. Johnson

In Orson Scott Card's best selling novel series The Tales of Alvin Maker, set in an alternate 19th century frontier America, many people possess supernatural talents called "knacks." They can find water or start fires or tie knots that can never be broken. 

Most people have only one knack. But young Alvin Miller, the seventh son of a seventh son, seems to possess them all. He can shape wood and stone with his hands, mend broken bones, and compel animals and creatures to do his bidding. His powers even exceed those of the Native Americans, who typically possess grander gifts than whites and whose lives are filled with beautiful rhythmic green music. Some even call Alvin a "Maker", or one whose powers can build and mend and make the world a nobler place.

But there are dark forces in the world as well, ones that work to unmake and erode and destroy. Like water, which tries to kill Alvin at every turn. Or William Harrison, a ruthless military leader who wants to slaughter every Indian in the territory in order to advance his political ambitions.

Alvin is just a boy, but in this hyper-paced adventure where the very future of America is at stake, Alvin must act like someone far beyond his years and demonstrate true courage and sacrifice to save the people and the land he loves.

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