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The Lost Prince

From the novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett
Based on the treatment by Orson Scott Card
Screenplay: Peter N. Johnson & Neil Newell
Producer: Nicholas J. Gasdik
Director: Peter N. Johnson

Based on the classic children's novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, author of the popular novels A Little Princess, The Secret Garden, and Little Lord Fauntleroy, and adapted by New York Times best-selling author Orson Scott Card.

A scrappy young girl named Tatiana grows up wandering the cities of Europe with her exiled father, preparing for the day when they are destined to meet the Lost Prince help him reclaim his rightful throne over Samavia. It is the year 1809, and the time has come, but the true identity of the mysterious Lost Prince is unknown, even to Tatiana. How are the people of Samavia to oust the murderous usurper King Baldwin and put an elusive, mysterious prince on the throne?

Tatiana stumbles across a band of street orphans who may harbor the secret of the Lost Prince. She wonders… is it possible that the crippled commander of the ragtag urchin gang, Marco Ratcliffe, might actually be the Lost Prince himself? Despite his misshapen, twisted legs, Marco is a natural commander and his "men" are highly trained and fiercely loyal. Tatiana is convinced she has found the Lost Prince. Tatiana, Marco and his band of orphans set out on a perilous adventure to deliver the secret signal to three crucial townsfolk of Samavia…a doctor, a priest and an arms maker…thereby igniting the rebellion to overthrow the evil King Baldwin.

But the King's spies are everywhere. Word that the mythical Lost Prince is returning to reclaim his throne enrages the King and his soldiers are closing in on Tatiana, Marco and his young rebels.

Can it possibly be that the Lost Prince is actually Marco, the crippled young man they call "The Rat"? The secret of the Lost Prince is revealed after King Baldwin and his forces are overthrown and the mother of the Lost Prince comes forward and embraces the true heir to the throne of their beloved Samavia…to the astonishment of all.

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