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Based on the novel by Orson Scott Card
Screenplay: Peter N. Johnson & Andrew Bumstead
Producer: Nicholas J. Gasdik
Director: Peter N. Johnson

Treason is the story of a young man's discovery and transformation of his world and of himself. Lanik Mueller is heir to the planet Treason's most powerful rulership, but his elevation to become king is threatened by his becoming a "rad" - a radical regenerative, a freak among people who can regenerate injured flesh. Growing extra arms or legs or other body parts, disqualifies him from ruling.

Sent on a spy mission to save his life from the new heir, his younger brother, Dinte, Lanik uncovers a treacherous conspiracy beyond his imagination. Healed and taught by a nation of peace loving people, his transformational journey takes him through several strange and divergent nations, never knowing who is friend or foe.

His journey leads him to a stunning revelation -- powerful nations have been infiltrated by illusionists -- people who have perfected the art of deception. Now bent on taking control of the world, these Illuders use their dark craft to stir up war and conquest. Lanik draws from the wisdom and knowledge he learned on his journey and devises a bold and dangerous plan to destroy the Illuders and finally break the vicious chain of deception and bloodshed that enslaves the people, reunite with his love, and build a home filled with peace and love.

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